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How we came up with the revolutionary idea? Learn more about the unique inga gait analysis concept.
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Benefits for orthopaedic shoemakers

The innovative and intelligent gait analysis with inga offers many advantages for orthopedic shoemakers.
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Gait analysis with inga it creates a lot of pain to deal intelligently. You want to live pain free?
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InGAsys - Intelligent Gait Analysis

State of the art - foot pressure measurement or gait analysis
The foot pressure measuring methods that have been used for gait analysis until now are those that document the pressure ratios in the foot when standing and walking. Following the theory that pressure points are harmful to the region of the foot in which they occur, the surface of the foot that comes into contact with the ground when stepping is manipulated in order to try to distribute the pressure.
Relieving the relevant region of the foot removes pressure points. The aim is to place more of the strain on other regions of the foot, thus making it possible to protect the foot. In the case of diabetics with neuropathic disorders, electronic pressure distribution measurements are even demanded by cost-bearing parties before and after treatment with a special footbed. Effects on the body caused by redistribution of pressure within the foot have thus far not been considered.
New approach - intelligent gait analysis
Unlike standard foot pressure measurement systems, inGAsys measures the position of the foot in the space during transfer of power into the body.
Given the fact that we cannot avoid gravity on Earth, the way in which this power passes through our bodies is key. The direction of power at the point of entry is important.
Our stepping pattern is, of course, very different with each step, meaning that tendencies in the distribution of stress can only be effectively determined over a long measurement period. Constant monitoring of the patient would be ideal. A measurement period of 12 hours is recommended for this new system, in order to build up an illustrative picture of a day in the life of the patient. Re-measurements can be taken at any time, and would only be avoided for financial reasons.
The following requirements formed the basis for the development of this gait analysis system:   
Long-term measurement and documentation   
No limitations on the patient during measurement   
Reduction of measured values to the required parameters   
Low system price
A completely different way of looking at human motion and its effects on the body had to be developed as the basis for this measurement system. This "theory of chain reactions" forms the core of inGAsys. For this reason, understanding the theory is a prerequisite for efficient use of the measurement system.When evaluating the collected data, inGAsys works according to the new theory of chain reactions, and gives the user the decision-making tools they need to treat the cause of the patient's troubles.


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